Tuesday, 24 March 2009

perihal tangan

bila saya marah, tangan saya menggeletar

bila saya terkejut, menggeletar jugak

bila saya sedih pon, sampai menggeletar

bila saya lapar, lagiiiiiiiiiii la menggeletar

cuma jangan nanti dah bergelar warga emas, 
saya menghidap parkinson sudahlah.

saya harap tak.

p/s: iylia, tengok!tengok! saya still have hopes in my life.


Suhaila S. said...

saya pun slalu menggeletar..
xkire ngah watpe..
so, camne nak taw parkinson ke x..

iylia said...

heee...xptus asa..nice2..

menggeletar tu biasela..kurg tenaga mlsudnye..exercise mnyak2 ckit

ibnusarha said...

Parkinson's disease (also known as Parkinson disease or PD) is a degenerative disease of the brain (central nervous system) that often impairs motor skills, speech, and other possible functions.[1]

Parkinson's disease belongs to a group of conditions called movement disorders. It is characterized by muscle rigidity, tremor, a slowing of physical movement (bradykinesia) and, in extreme cases, a loss of physical movement (akinesia). The primary symptoms are the results of decreased stimulation of the motor cortex by the basal ganglia, normally caused by the insufficient formation and action of dopamine, which is produced in the dopaminergic neurons of the brain. Secondary symptoms may include high level cognitive dysfunction and subtle language problems. PD is both chronic and progressive.


Tremor can be a symptom associated with disorders in those parts of the brain that control muscles throughout the body or in particular areas, such as the hands. Neurological disorders or conditions that can produce tremor include multiple sclerosis, stroke, traumatic brain injury and a number of neurodegenerative diseases that damage or destroy parts of the brainstem or the cerebellum, being Parkinson's disease the one most often associated with tremor. Other causes include the use of drugs (such as amphetamines, caffeine, corticosteroids, SSRI), alcohol abuse or withdrawal, mercury poisoning, overactive thyroid or liver failure. Tremors can be an indication of hypoglycemia, along with palpitations, sweating and anxiety. Tremor can also be caused from lack of sleep or vitamins, or stress. Deficiencies of magnesium and vitamin B1 have also been known to cause tremor or shaking, which resolves when the deficiency is corrected. See magnesium in biology. Some forms of tremor are inherited and run in families, while others have no known cause. Tremors can also be caused by some spider bites i.e. the redback spider of Australia.

kalau dah selalu sangat bergetar kalau biasa je its ok may be nervous or sumthing else that are not serius but if it become serius i advise u to go to nearest DR n tell ur stody of mengeletar yang excessive....daku lampirkan yang pertama ttg pakinson n kedua tremor...kawan saya di medical school ni pun kena gak tremer because of hormone problem so kena amik ubat for all his be careful if dah teruk...ok selamat membaca dengan mendalam mengenai pakinson n tremor....

lokman@keme said...

fuh what a critical comment.
you're the man!

...sarah n... said...

kak su

sila rujuk kepada komen di bawah.komen ketiga.hehe.


saya ada minyak.nanti saya cuba.


saya harap saya tadak penyakit dua dua ni.huuuu..


ko merujuk kepada komen ketiga ke?