Tuesday, 14 July 2009


they say, life sucks.

i say, if u arent able to live life ur own way, then, life is suckingly suck.


why the harsh word,sarah?

sorry to those who got terriblely shock.

well. u see. life is cruel.and cruelty makes people understand better.

it's just, the way i wanted to describe my perception of life. without bias.

berjaya ke?

u decide.

surely, life can be as sweet as honey, life can be the pain in the ass, life can be anything u wanted it to be.

so, technically, u have the right to pick. pick wisely. and i picked mine already.

to be frank, it's not as sweet as i thought it would be

maybe that's wat it does to me. to us.

life surprises us in soooooo many way. and it
will keep on doing that.

and maybe. its our job to figure things out.

p/s: and here i wonder why i hated surprises so much.


sharamli said...

ssh nak fhm hidup kita...

lokman@keme said...

kita dah besar..
universal sayings does not take their toll on us anymore..

...sarah n... said...

kak sha.

lain org, lain hidup dia. nak terjemah life generally pun tak boleh.


hooo....prs kalau dah ckp, aku takleh kata apa lah. u r rite bro!