Sunday, 20 June 2010


how do u ask someone to stop talking politely?

i mean, "please stop talking" is obviously rude even when u have the word PLEASE.

its just that she talks so much that my ears start bleeding, my head spinning and it annoys me SO SO MUCH.

i just want her to shut up. but how?

killing would definitely be out of question.


lokman.keme said...

it would be quite mean to ask her to shut up.politely whatsoever.
but truth hurts.shut up a lil please.

using bahasa mungkin akan lebih berhikmah dan less hurting.

dont be so eager to be cynical.just straightforward n make it crystal clear.

IF it is just you who cant stand a friend's usual act, just be patient.this is an ignorance test haha.

oh mann its been a while since i blog.
i forgot what keep me posting before.

...sarah n... said...

yup. sama. susah dah nak carik isu utk tulis dalam blog.

ps: akhirnya aku mmg tak luahkan apa yg dirasa. sabar ada hikmahnya.