Thursday, 1 June 2017

So random.

One's ability to disguise hipocrisy as diplomacy is ignorance. So, is it really a bliss?

When time and time again one has been reminded of?

Jujur, saya mengaku saya seorang 'fighter'. Tapi 'berjuang' 24/7 itu lelah.

Once in a very longgg while, i feel like quitting. But what will happen to my 999 previous efforts already taken when i quit at 1000th attempt? I heard Edison succeeded after thousands of attempts.

so, when do you actually stop and tawakal?

The whole concept of usaha, doa and tawakal was a bit unclear to me because i was and am inexperience (I want to believe that).

And then it struck. I knew then that I could. Stop.

Keeping the faith. Always.

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