Tuesday, 6 August 2013

from sarahnur

why is the need to change people? I mean, if you dont like what you see, change your seat. get a different view, different perspective. why tried changing the world, with your narcissism?

i know i have flaws, i am well aware, but, eventually, i'll change it. i mean,the first step to recovery is admitting the problem. see? I took step 1 already.

why force it on me? on people? does it hurt so much you cannot bear just sitting and watching any longer so you have to spat on people the way you did? i mean, you can hold it, cant you? cause now, after all that, you look like morons. sorry. the truth.

if you ask me, i am happy with where i sit. taking it slow. enjoying the fact that the mistakes i made, teach me something and know i know better.

i have perspectives now. i am clear with things i thought have been bugging me since forever. thanks to all the people that made appearances, and the people that stayed.


sarah n.

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