Saturday, 3 September 2011

Lie to me.

if anyone notice(i hardly think anyone did actually), at the bottom of this page, it says, me and the boifren will be having our special day together.

but, he's been taking it lightly.

he's like, go settle your room. go settle your work-related problem first la then we go dating happily.


i, of all people, know!

but, i'd like to multi-task, don't i?

and the thought of it, makes me thrilled, even it's not a fixed date.

how do we tell them boys when we know they'll never get it?

it's not like we girls expect to have candles or ballons AND those romantic drama.

like this one from (kalau dapat memang happy belakang kiralah kan. sapa tak suka macam ni.)

no. we actually know our position.

orang kata, laki bini pun tak beria aih. awat hang nak over. baru belajo bercinta ke.

as a matter of fact. yes. we both are. HAPPY?

it's just that, it's not like any other saturday date. it's something different. special, we'd like to call it. and the thought of making it special, makes it special itself. so basically, thinking about it, makes us girl happy. (so we boys DON'T have to put any effort in it??? - they probably question-think this.)

well. yes. and no.

yes you don't have to actually put ANY effort in that. believe me. all you have to do is, act like it. like you've been thinking about it but failed. or things like that. lie. if u must. cause that lie surely makes girl happy.

say that u tried to get a ticket to go to this, that, but, cant get hold of it.

your sweet girlfren will DEFINITELY believe you and say they don'tmind. you tried.

see? seeee?????

what she doesn't know won't hurt her.

no. because u canNOT do that everytime. if u use this tactics to often, u gonna get caught man!

p/s: but cheating is a very different story. u dont hear that from me.


Faraheen Hazirah said...

besela.. ko gk yg nasihat kte dlm post kte aritu kan.. hehe

...sarah n... said...

haha. nampaknye, nasihat hanya tinggal nasihat..haha

kotak said...
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ZuLFaDZli *JoE* HAsSaN said...

huhuhuhu.. relax sarah. lelaki mmng cmtu.. especially dye tu... mmng suka take things like this lightly.. ak pon x berapa rapat but thats typical type of boy.. but actually he juz afraid tht the special day x kn jd special.... sbb ad lelaki nk mnda perfect for his gurlfren especialy on special day tp diorng x pndai n diorng expect dirng pnye gurlfren expect more.. mcm ko tulis bunga2, coklat n surprise... walopon ko x mnx n not like dat. itu yg the end.. diorbf take it lightly to look cool n x rase brsalah.... but trust me, he really took a deep thought about this special day..

anyway..."happy special day to both of u"

4 September 2011 10:55

...sarah n... said...

joe. haha. sbnrnye, mmg relaks2 je. saje je nk bising2 tp, paham. rasanya, mmg camtu kot, nak nampak cool, lek2 dah sbb takut x jadi kan,,