Wednesday, 31 August 2011


CALLING OUT all transkrian-goer!! wait. transkrian-goer batch 2002-2006!!

schoolgoer? go is in present tense, went for past tense. does this mean, schoolwenter? but that does not came out right, does it? the answer is no. go is actually a special case of past tense. i cant explain, i didt take language course.

there's gonna be hari raya/merdeka celebration in IPOH! WUHUUU!!

venue : not yet decided, still in discussion.

date : this friday, i guess. 4th of syawal.

this is from z huha hakim. details not out yet but still, wuhuuu!!

anyone interested, lets! dont be shy.

ikindamissschool. doncha? says someone who finish school already. yihaa!

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