Tuesday, 21 February 2012

emo entry lagi.

i honestly wish i could just tear it all apart and walk away head held high. but noooo! i could not. because there's only so much one's heart can take at one time. and to do what i wished i could do, would need all the strength one milo could give on one sip.

what the hell? milo taja kau ke sarah?

no. this is me, trying to laugh it out on a most weird way. i could no longer laugh. smirking is not (yet) my style.

this is one of the most challenging stage of my still young life, and i no longer have the energy to move forward. pity.

i asked for support. but it came too late. when i already lose.

i truly am sorry. i wished we could have more.

1 more thing come in between, i swear i could lose it. forgive me if anyone think i'm exagerating, but, i honestly think i could.

after all. i am not what i think what i am made of. shame on me.

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