Sunday, 9 July 2017

personal review : the secret life of walter mitty

The Secret life of walter mitty

I went to the cinema with someone (cant recall who) and he/they picked to watch this.

Its a ben stiller's so naturally for me to think its a romcom. And boy was i wrong.

It started with walter (obviously) 's boring routine life. And his company was acquired. 

Slowly people were let go and he knew he was going to be next. He tried avoiding the 'dick' that was hired to fire people. Irony. But it doesn't work. See,the company is going to operate online so most of the departments were shut down. Opss i forgot to mention, it was LIFE magazine publication company. So imagine more than half of them were let go.

The day the staffs were informed of the acquisition,Walter's negative assets deparment received the last roll of negative from their freelance photographer, Sean o'connell. 

With that package he sent a note :Number 25 is my best ever. The quintessence of life, i think. I trust you'll get it where it needs to go, you always do.

But they (the negative assets department) couldnt find it. 

And he found out that it was supposed to be the last cover of LIFE. Bc you know, now with digital world taking over human kind sort of thing.

The photographer then sent telegram to the director - i expect full consideration of negative 25 for cover. My most grand, the quintessence of life.

Now thats a problem. 

Walter first thought obviously tracking down sean's whereabouts. 

And when he couldn't, he searched for clues in the negatives itself. From number 24 and 26. He was thinking maybe 24 & 26 were taken around the same time and if luck have it, place.

He also tried to hv some helps from his crush, coz the girl was working in accounting dept - tracking the payment address of sean.

With all that happening in his life, a memento from his dad (a journal for world touring) gave him the ideas of tracking sean himself. Hoping that that piece was still with the guy.

Clues from photo : erkigsnek
Places he went : greenland, iceland,yemen, afganistan

The whole film was about walter going on all these 'adventures' he was only able to dream of, before. 

Soundtrack : Space Oddity by David Bowie.  very cool song. I downloded the song as soon as I left the cinema. 

Ending : The negative was cut off. It was in the wallet that Sean gave to Walter as a gift all these time. It was a picture of walter looking through a bunch of negatives in front of LIFE's building. Apparently, after 16 years of working alongside Walter, Sean regards Walter as the most important sidekick in LIFE. The only one who was always able to bring his photos 'into LIFE'. Double or triple meaning there. 

P/S: i really really really appreciate these kinds of movies. They dont do these as much these days. But i wasnt sure that my friend/s enjoyed this as much as i did. 

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