Monday, 21 May 2012


so i just created a twitter account. tweet! tweet!

part paling payah ialah bio. how do YOU describe yourself in about 30 words?

maksud saya, kamon. you dont even know yourself after 20years of living as you, how can you introduce yourself to a complete stranger (i dont know if facebook and twitter really bring strangers come knocking at your door, figuratively speaking) in 30 words?

i am very sure that this blog doesnt even intoduce me properly even when i say, i am an open-book!

so, i wrote. embracing civilization. or not. geddit?

lets just see how long this lasts.

p/s:saya nak buat braces. tapi takut gile sakit. haihhh.


cik nina said...

hehe.buat je la braces tu.
sakit mmg nak cantek kena sakit sikit la ye dak?

kite dulu doktor suruh buat sbb susah nk gosok gigi part2 tertentu.hihi

...sarah n... said...

hai miss nina! haha. glemer tu miss nina tego.

taktau nak buat katne. ada cadangan tak?