Monday, 3 October 2011


the boifren. the boifren. bunga dah tunduk.

literally. dah tunduk. theres a stick that make them stay standing but heads down.

sarah letak dalam pasu isi air tak?

ich.please.. like i

. . .thinking. . . . . . .

letak air tak? sembur-sembur?

omaigod. he's right.

why didnt i think of THAT!


in my defence, why people give graduates living things on their winning day. we're young. never step out of the cruel world.


how do we know how to take care of living and breathing specimens? in labs, we kill em. cut em into pieces. and tear it down till every milimetres of it seen.

so, i only thought of getting em dried up like other living things in the lab.

except for the boifren.

sarah ada pasu tak?

sarah mana ada pasu. mana ada orang ada....


pika bg hadiah pasu.

thats it. thats why she gave us vases.

i've been thinking the meaning and symbolic of the present but not even a clue.

that. is. the. purpose. of. the. vase.

why am i getting dumber AFTER GRADUATION?

usually i'm good with double meaning sentences. and symbolic. and riddles. that's why i wanna be a language teacher. see.


when u think u're matured enough. can do anything, no, everything.

think again.

u are, positively, definitely, 100percent wrong.

take it from a person who. was. wrong.

but more importantly.

after graduation, U DONT WANT TO SETTLE DOWN YET.

'cause u gonna kill other living things in your house.

true story.

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